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    Fairy Cat : un nouveau jeu crypto Fairy Cat

    Fairy Cat : un nouveau jeu crypto Fairy Cat est un sous-projet du projet "Sauvez tous les chats du monde" initié par l'amoureux des chats japonais Rock. Il est développé par l'équipe de Kia Game Studio. Une sorte de jeu de blockchain. Dans Fairy Cat Forest, vous pouvez laisser vos chats elfiques...
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    The future of blockchain games

    The epidemic in recent years has produced profound changes in people's lifestyles, and many of their activities have started to be developed in the virtual world, which plays an important role in promoting the development of the universe of meta. Games, as an important part of the universe of...
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    Fairy Cat :2023 the most popular crypto game

    fairy cat is a sub-project of the "Help Every Stray Cat in the World" project initiated by Rock, a Japanese cat lover, and developed by Qiya Game Studio team as a breeding blockchain game. In F-Cat , you can let your cat find treasures for you, and these treasures will become your assets in...
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    Fairy Cat: The Strongest Black Horse in Blockchain Games

    Recently, the latest statistics show that the total transaction volume of the overseas NFT game product CryptoKitties has exceeded 2.5 billion US dollars, and the number of transactions has exceeded 800,000. This product has the highest transaction volume of NFT games at present. In August this...
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    what is Fairy cat

    Debuting in January 2023, Fairy Cat is one of the most popular crypto metaverse games. While earlier games (World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Destiny 2) either precede blockchain technology or have not integrated it into their games at all, more recent metaverse iterations - such as FairyCat...