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Please help me analyze whether I have been deceived by this game


Nouveau membre
You may have seen an advertisement about Fairy Cat Game recently, and I fell into the pit with the attitude of giving it a try. Now Let me talk about the experience of this game. I hope it will be helpful to the players in the future. This article is neutral, and everyone can decide for themselves.
First of all, this game claims to be the hottest blockchain game in 2023, then I searched Fairy Cat on Google and found no more relevant information, or it is really a new game, or their promotion is very poor, in short, I don't trust it.
But in order to avoid pitfalls for everyone, I decided to take a look at what is it. Then I found their official website and looked at the introduction information of the game, which is no different from general blockchain games. Then I tried to use the metamask wallet to open the game address, and entered the invitation code given to me by customer service to enter the game. After entering the game, there will be a novice guide to help us understand the operation and functions of the game. Generally speaking, this game is just raising cats to make money, and the tutorial will give you 1 USDT.
Because the first cat needs to be purchased, I recharged 12U and bought a 10U little white cat. After spending 10U, I upgraded to VIP1. VIP1 can receive a green bottle every day. This bottle can Collect elves for sale, and one elf can be sold for 1U.
Just collect and sell cats every day. I have been playing for about a month, and now I have earned about 8.25U. Just yesterday, I sold my big cat and bought it. 10U, a total of 16.25U has been withdrawn,Excuse me, can I continue this game, please see if this game is a liar?