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What is Fairy Cat and how to play this chain game?


Since the launch of the game, players have continued to synthesize kittens, and there are now over 300,000 kittens NFT on the market with over 120,000 holders.

Kitten synthesis process, the genetic mutation may also produce very rare kittens, such as colorful cats, lightning cats and rare versions of the nine-tailed cat.

一、 I. What are the ways to play the Elf Cat?

It can be understood as a game of jacking and breeding cats on the Ethernet chain, and the game has these main ways of playing.

Synthetic cat.

Players can require a minimum of 3 kittens and a batch of energy bottles for synthesis, synthetic out of the elves cat sold directly or put into the cat nest to collect kitten fragments mining a LV1 cat can generate 2.75% of the daily revenue, if good luck when collecting there is also a probability of dropping rare props, will sell to a good price.

Cat nest collection.

Players who have a cat can hang the cat on the market to sell the cat. You can also put it on top of the cat nest to get daily earnings and collect kitten pieces to also get probable prop drops.
The highest level of LV5 nine-tailed cat, the price of 160 diamonds, the daily return rate of 3.75%, you can collect 600 kitten pieces every day, buy a LV5 nine-tailed cat daily earnings of 3.75%, 27 days to earnings back to the capital, to recover the principal can be sold nine-tailed cat and can also continue to put into the cat nest to get daily earnings.

1-How to start playing the game?

Visit the Elf Cat official website with Google or Firefox, login to the game via your digital wallet with EtherNet, search and buy the Elf Cat NFT for sale, and you can start collecting cats for the game. Of course you need to have ETH in your digital wallet.

Buy Elfcat NFT

For example, today the market floor price of ordinary Elf cat is 10 diamonds, that is, ten dollars can have an Elf cat

New players do not understand the elven cat synthesis probability, you can directly buy elven cats, put into the cat nest to get revenue and daily collection of kitten pieces; if you can upgrade the elven cat rare level variety, the revenue will be more.

Each cat can collect kitten pieces to synthesize kitten 100 and pieces to synthesize a kitten, but the collection has a cooldown time, that is, the time between the collection of kitten pieces. According to the level of the cat with, the higher the level of the cat to collect the number of pieces the more the daily gain will also be increased.
Proxy Model

Cat Forest is a promoted game where you get paid to invite your friends to play the game and get paid a percentage of the hosting fee.

Use your own promotion link and invite your friends to find the treasures!

Understanding the Team

The Kia Game Studio team is focused on developing F-CatForest, and some of our team members have contributed to games such as League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dark Souls 3, Marvel's Spider-Man and more ...... Now it's a pleasure to build F-Cat Forest
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