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4 ways to play and earn money on Fairy Cat


Fairy Cat is a blockchain-based game in which players adopt magical cats called Fairy Cats and collect treasures with them. Players who complete daily quests will earn an in-game currency, called Gold Diamond (GD). GD can be exchanged for USDT Tether Token.

Fairy Cat represents a new business model based on blockchain, the combination of NFT + GameFi, where game creators share their revenue with players. Every dollar that players earn can go straight to their pockets. Instead of charging access, selling ads, or forcing users to buy in-apps and keep all the profits for themselves, the developers of Fairy Cat decided to share the profits with players, hoping that The game will be widely used.

There are 4 ways to play and earn money from Fairy Cat game:
Play games, do daily quests, join events.
Sell game materials collected from gaming and tournaments on
the marketplace.
Fusion, buy and sell the Fairy Cat characters on the marketplace.
Invite friends to get commissions.
In Fairy Cat, you are not just playing games with time-spent but for doing daily quests, or joining events players will have a chance to gain some rare items, game equipment.
Those game resources will help users upgrade the skills of their Fairy Cat characters or play the role of the necessary factor of breeding the offspring.The new Fairy cat will be exchanged on the marketplace at a good price. Besides, players also can bring those game items to sell on the marketplace directly to earn more USDT Tether tokens.

To better understand the operation model and profit sharing of Fairy Cat, you can refer to:
Website: https://fairycat .net Code: LBi96P

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