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Best Play-to-Earn Games with NFTs or Crypto


Play-to-earn games (P2E) do what traditional video games don’t — reward players for their time and effort spent in the game. After all, the players do create game content simply by participating and providing interactions for other players.
And while many games have switched to the phrase ‘play and earn’, or the term ‘web3’, the idea remains the same — the ability to own game items as NFTs, and the ability to earn while playing in some manner. Sometimes those two things are the same. Sometimes not.
But what is the same, is that each P2E game offers a way for players to be rewarded for their in-game activity. Some P2E games will require an initial investment, while others are free to play. But whatever your interest, there is something in the world of blockchain gaming to cover it. And though many games are still in development, they range from simple web games, to mobile, to FPS, to galaxy-spanning strategy games, to MMOs, and more! Keeping track of all of them can be a tough job, and so we’re here to help!
Below are a few recommendation as well as our (ever growing, and ever updated) list of web3 enabled games with same basic info as well as links to our articles and game guides!
About The Sandbox
The Sandbox is an interconnected world of unique game experiences. With land plots of varying sizes, each land owner can build their own creations using a visual game builder. The Sandbox is still in alpha testing, but if you’re interested in play-to-earn games, this should definitely be on your radar. Check out our full The Sandbox review to learn how to get started.

About fairy cat
Fairy Cat gamefi fairycat .net is a virtual pet blockchain game Play to earn. The Fairy Cat Blockchain Game offers players and investors a very unique opportunity to collect, trade, battle and earn rare assets that greatly increase their income. Fairy Cats and all other in-game items will be stored as NFTs with a 1:1 equivalent of USDT in the player's wallet and thus can be sold for profit and freely traded.

About Iluvium
Illuvium is actually a suite of games set in the same universe. Illuvium Arena is a PvE, auto-battler, survival contest with leaderboards, Illuvium Zero features base building and NFT crafting for Illuvium Zero, the main game. In Illuvium Zero players wander the land in search of Illuvials to capture. All three games are currently in alpha testing.