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Fairy Cat :2023 the most popular crypto game


Nouveau membre
fairy cat is a sub-project of the "Help Every Stray Cat in the World" project initiated by Rock, a Japanese cat lover, and developed by Qiya Game Studio team as a breeding blockchain game.
In F-Cat , you can let your cat find treasures for you, and these treasures will become your assets in Fairy Cat , and your assets can be exchanged for dollars.
All profits from the project will be used to rescue street cats, buy cat food and provide cat nests for them, under the supervision and control of each player.

Find the treasure
Choose an Elf Cat that is suitable for you in Fairy Cat , it will find treasures for you every day, you only need to use - energy to exchange these treasures with it, each person can adopt up to 10 Elf Cats, each Elf Cat can be upgraded to level 5, different levels of Elf Cats can find different value of treasures. More varieties of cats are being developed!

How to download the game
Fairy Cat works closely with MetaMask, you can use the Metamask account to open the Fairy Cat Forest website to play the game, but you can also use other wallets to play the game, such as Firecoin, Trust Wallet, etc.

Understanding the Team
The Kia Game Studio team is focused on developing fairy Cat t, and some of our team members have contributed to games such as League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dark Souls 3, Marvel's Spider-Man and more ...... Now it's a pleasure to build Fairy Cat Forest