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Way to earn crypto and NFT with F-Cat


The way to play the game F-Cat makes money is extremely simple, including: connecting the game to the wallet, raising pets, doing daily tasks, and participating in events.
Besides Axie Infinity, which has exploded in the Play to Earn game genre recently, F-Cat - is also an equally competitive game. Currently, F-Cat is attracting a large number of gamers in the crypto market.
All questions like how to play F-Cat, how to connect a crypto wallet with F-Cat or how to make money on F-Cat will be answered in the article below.
I.What is the F-Cat Game?
F-Cat is a virtual pet game project combining traditional pet games and DeFi, developed under the Play to Earn model, where game creators share their revenue with players, every dollar that players earn can go straight to their pockets. Through the Play to Earn mechanism, the development team wants F-Cat to become a well-received game worldwide.
This vision is expressed through the characteristics of the F-Cat game:
●Personalization: Build personalization for users.
●DeFi Features Integrated: Integrate all the advantages of DeFi.
●Pet Raising Game: A Virtual Pet Raising Game.
In F-Cat, players will be traveling into a land of pets called F-Cat with attractive game activities such as:
●Collect: Collect items every day.
●Fusion: Create a Magic Cat.
●Trade: Buy and sell items and cats.
●Invite Friend: Invite friends, build a team and receive commissions.

II.Preparation before playing the game F-Cat
1. First, you must download and create a MetaMask e-wallet account from the Google Store or Apple Store.
2. Open F-Cat's official website on Metamask browser, then enter the referral code. Or you can use the code scanner in Metamask to log into the game without entering a referral code.
3. The first time you log in, the game will display an automatic tutorial to guide you how to play the game.
You can see how to install it in the following youtube video:
III.How to make money in the game F-Cat
1.Adopt F-Cat - Start your treasure hunt journey:
To start playing the game, players must have their own pet (in the game called F-Cat), they will collect treasures every day for you to help you increase your income. There are five levels of cat pets. Each F-Cat will have different power and ability, the higher the rank of the F-Cat, the greater the value of the collected treasures. You can adopt a F-Cat in the Cat Market.
2.Collect treasures - Increase your income every day:
The F-Cats have a treasure collection every 24 hours, each level will have different abilities, the higher the level, the greater the ability to collect valuable items. Collected items can be sold in the Cat Market to increase income.
3.Fusion system - Create a new magic Cat:
You can also make money by synthesizing F-Cat LV1. The fusion system may be a bit difficult for you to understand. You can simply understand that you have a 50% probability to earn 10 USDT with 5 USDT. Every 10% increase in probability, you need to increase 1 USDT the cost of. If you're lucky, you can make money this way, which is more income than raising a cat to collect treasure, but it does take some risk.
4.Buy and sell in Cat Market - Increase income:
The game provides a wealth of props, and different props have different functions. Some can be collected through F-Cats, and some can only be obtained through game activities. You can use props to upgrade the F-Cat and increase the ability to collect valuable treasures, or you can also sell it in the Cat Market to earn extra income.
5.Invite friends, build team and get commissions:
If you want to get more benefits, invite your friends to join F-Cat . While they get benefits, the system will give you a corresponding commission. When your friends invite their friends to join F-Cat , you will also get a small amount of commission while they earn money in the game. The more friends you invite, the higher your commission will be.